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Wrestling Roundtable - SLAM!

Wrestling Roundtable - SLAM!

April 15, 2021

Jason Agnew is joined by SLAM Wrestling reporters Bob Kapur, Alex Robertson and Matthew McFarlin.

Topics include:


    • Samoa Joe? Really?
    • Who else surprised us.
    • Where do they go? AEW can't take everyone.
  • Wrestlemania highlights and lowlights.
  • RAW did not feel like anything new.
  • AEW and NXT on different nights, is that good or bad for the product?
  • Will Drew McIntyre win the title at Backlash?
SNME 162 - WM37 Night 2 - AFTER PARTY

SNME 162 - WM37 Night 2 - AFTER PARTY

April 12, 2021
Jason Agnew and Dan "The Mouth" Lovranski are BACK to review the final night of Wrestlemania 37.
The guys break down a night of abrupt finishes and matches that suffered from a lack of build, but take a deep dive into discussing what comes next for the WWE Universal Title picture with Roman Reigns pinning BOTH Daniel Bryan and Edge.
We also discuss how much the crowd loved EDGE and how WWE missed out on a tailor made redemption story-line for the fan favourite.
Mark Andrada gives his thoughts on the show as well as ridiculous visual entertainment, and Boris Aguilar of NXT TLK also pops in as well as a bunch of patron zoom calls.
PLUS! We have the Turnbuckle Trivia ULTIMATE CHAMPIONSHIP game between 2021 champ Jay from North Bay and 2020 Champ Bob from Scranton!
This was a very fun show with the Great Lakes Beers pouring a-plenty!
SNME 161 - Wrestlemania 37: Night 1 AFTER PARTY!

SNME 161 - Wrestlemania 37: Night 1 AFTER PARTY!

April 11, 2021

Jason Agnew and Dan "The Mouth" Lovranski recap and review Night 1 of Wrestlemania 37 and get into a heated debate of the performance of Bad Bunny.

SNME hosts Mark Andrada, Joe Aguinaldo and Boris Aguilar pop in to give their thoughts, and we take questions and comments from the patrons watching the show live on zoom.

Plus, the 2021 Turnbuckle Trivia Final caps off the night!

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SNME - Celebrity Wrestlemania Roundtable

SNME - Celebrity Wrestlemania Roundtable

April 9, 2021
Jason Agnew is joined by actor ANDREW PHUNG (Kim's Convenience), comedian K TREVOR WILSON (Letterkenny), and TV host CARLOS BUSTAMANTE (ET Canada / YTV) to chat about their lifelong love of Pro-Wrestling.
From Wrestlemania memories to attending Indy Shows to ECW Tape Trading, the guy discuss why this particular form of entertainment has stuck with them their entire lives and the way it has affected and enhanced their lives and careers.
Plus each gives their take on the current WWE and AEW product and discuss what they're looking forward to at Wrestlemania 37.
SNME & POST Wrestling - WM37 Roundtable

SNME & POST Wrestling - WM37 Roundtable

April 6, 2021

Jason Agnew, Dan "The Mouth" Lovranski, John Pollock and Wai Ting preview Wrestlemania 37.

SNME 158: Wrestlemania 37 Preview

SNME 158: Wrestlemania 37 Preview

April 4, 2021

We kick off the biggest WEEK of the wrestling wrestling year laying out a jam-packed week of WWE programming and also lay out how we're covering all the events on our Patreon.

Dave Metlzer joins the show to provide insight on how the Chris Jericho / Steve Austin interview came about and why Vince McMahon would let an AEW talent on his network.  Meltzer also provides details on Sasha and Bianca possibly main evening night #1 of WrestleMania, and if WWE plans to send fans home with a babyface win to cap off both events.

NXT TLK hosts Boris and Matthew join Jason to preview both nights on NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver.

Plus, both semi-finals "Name That Theme" match-ups in the Turnbuckle Trivia Tournament.

SNME 157: Charlotte’s Web & Bobby’s Bounty.

SNME 157: Charlotte’s Web & Bobby’s Bounty.

March 28, 2021
In the final stages on the road to Wrestlemania we take a look at what WWE has planned for both nights.
Dave Meltzer joins the show to provide an update on the condition of "Road Dogg" Brian James, why Charlotte is being left off the Wrestlemania card, and the UFC 261 immediate sellout.
Joe Aguinaldo drops by the last block of the show to discuss the use of "bounty" angles in pro-wrestling, and debate the possible outcomes of the WWE Univesal Championship match as well as a rundown of AEW and the very complicated bookings of NXT
Plus, the last quarter final in our Turnbuckle Trivia tournament.
SNME special - RAW Review

SNME special - RAW Review

March 23, 2021
This is a special FREE episode of the MidWeek MARKout it's our weekly Monday Night RAW review featuring Jason Agnew and Mark Andrada.
This is one of our regular weekly podcasts for patrons... if you like what you hear please subscribe at
Jason presents his full theory of how Coming 2 America has influences Professional Wrestling.
Mark orders holy water and gets a new gig making a roast?
They talk about RAW.
SNME 156b - Fastlane After Party

SNME 156b - Fastlane After Party

March 21, 2021
Jason Agnew and Dan "The Mouth" Lovranski recap and review the WWE Fast Lane PPV.
Lots of talk centres around the possible 3-way implications of the main event finish, the retread of the Bray Wyatt character, and an extensive amount of talk the high work rate of performers which is compromised by a lack of stakes in the story lines.
This is an audio version of our new ZOOM live after-party's that we do after PPVs.
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SNME 156a - Christian Cage

SNME 156a - Christian Cage

March 21, 2021

Just a week after his surprise debut at AEW: Revolution, Jay Reso aka CHRISTIAN CAGE joins Jason Agnew to chat about his return to wrestling, surprise appearance at the 2021 Royal Rumble and decision to make the jump to AEW.

Dave Meltzer stops in to provide insight on the COVID-19 outbreak in WWE NXT and how it has affected TV, how Walter will be taking part in two matches on WrestleMania week, the fate of Charly Caruso in WWE, and the amazing match between Britt Baker and ThunderRosa.

Plus all the news of the week and another quarter-final in the SNME 2021 Turnbuckle Trivia Tournament.

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