Sunday Night’s Main Event

SNME 220 - Rhodes To WrestleMania

March 20, 2022

Every wrestling reporter is confirming Cody Rhodes for WrestleMania, so the question is, how does he return to WWE?  Will we see him on Raw? A Surprise return at 'Mania?  The RAW AFTER WrestleMania?

Mike McGuire and Dave Meltzer discuss the possibility of Cody's iminent debut, and discuss much more including another huge name may be returning to Wrestling.  Rumors swirl about Bret Hart making his way to AEW to possibly manage FTR, Bianca BelAir's "injury" makes some headlines, and an old controversy is once again rearing its head as The ROH Tag Team Champions, The Briscoes are once again in the headlines.

Finally, this past week marked 20 years since Hulk Hogan and The Rock had their historic match at WrestleMania X-8.  Boris Aguilar and Matt Ederer join us to remember the match and more!

This episode is dedicated to Lois.

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